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Coptic Relief


Who are We

Coptic relief is an initiative of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne and its Affiliated Regions which is inspired by the Christian value of providing assistance to those in need. We are dedicated to providing relief to the poor, those in emergency situations, and helping communities struggling to rebuild after a disaster.

Our Aims

Wherever there is need within our wider global community, Coptic Relief desires to help alleviate suffering by providing much needed funds. And because the money is sent direct to those most in need, very little of these funds are used on administration. Helping people in need is extremely rewarding and each of you can make a huge and lasting difference in someone's life by supporting our efforts. Whether we are helping to rescue victim's of persecution by Assisting to relocate them to safer locations, advocating for human rights, providing food and other development needs to poor communities or helping rebuild communities devastated by natural disasters, we depend on your support for funding. Please help us to help those in need.

Your Generosity

Through your generous contributions, the Diocese of Melbourne was able to give a gift of $10,000 to the QLD Premier's Disaster Relief Fund to assist the victims of the QLD floods and cyclone Yasi, and nearly $100,000 was raised to help the families and victims of the Alexandria bombing on Jan 1, 2011. With this new initiative Coptic Relief, we have formalised our charitable fund raising and hope to take it to the next level so we can provide assistance to many more people.

Together, you and Coptic Relief can provide hope to those who most need it.